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23 - 25 October 2013, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Jožef Stefan Institute



The SLONANO registration starts on Wednesday, September 20, at 8:30 at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Jadranska 21, Lecture Hall 2.01. Parking for participants is also organized in front of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (please mention at the gate that you are attending the SLONANO conference).

Program and abstracts



Organizing committee:

Denis Arčon, Institut Jožef Stefan, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dragan MihailoviĆ, Institut Jožef Stefan, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Gvido Bratina, University of Nova Gorica  Slovenia


Maurizio Prato, University of Trieste, Italy

Andrea Goldoni, Sinchrotrone Elettra-Trieste, Italy

Invited talks

Andrew Briggs, University of Oxford, UK (confirmed)
Kosmas Prassides, University of Durham, UK (confirmed)
J.H. Jefferson, QinetiQ, Great Malvern, UK (confirmed)
Luc Brohan, Institut des Materiaux J. Rouxel, Nantes, France (confirmed)
James F. Scott, University of Cambridge, UK (confirmed)
Erio Tosatti, ICTP, Trieste, Italy (confirmed)
Andrea Goldoni, Sinchrotrone Elettra-Trieste, Italy
Serena Margadonna, University of Edinburgh, UK (confirmed)
Mauro Ricco, University of Parma, Italy (confirmed)
Alexandre Glotter, Universite Paris-Sud, France (confirmed)
Chris Ewels, University of Nantes, France (confirmed)
Nikos Tagmatarchis, TPCI, NHRF, Athens, Greece (confirmed)
Andrej Zorko, Institute Jozef Stefan, Slovenia (confirmed)
H. J. Kim, Korea Basic Science Institute, Korea (confirmed)
IPaolo Facci, S3-INFM-CNR, Modena, Italy (confirmed)
Silvano deFranceshi, TASC, Trieste, Italy
A.C. Cefalas, NHFR, Athens, Greece (confirmed)


This year traditional SLONANO conference is organised by Institute Jozef Stefan, Ljubljana, University of Nova Gorica and University of Trieste. The meeting thus became regional meeting, but the basic idea of the conference remain the same: It is indented to foster rapid exchange of results, ideas and know-how in the field of nanotechnology. A special care is devoted to young scientists and they are strongly encouraged to present their work.   


The meeting will focus on selected topics in nanoscience and nanotechnology: Electronic, magnetic, functional, sensoric and structural properties of nanostructures.

Material keywords:

Carbon nanostructures: from fullerenes to nanotubes

Inorganic nanotubes and nanowires (TiO2 and MoS2 derived)

Bionanostructures ( DNA, proteins, …)

Molecular electronics


Self-assembled surface nanostructures

Nanoscale interfaces


Institute "Jožef Stefan", lecture hall.



First announcement can be downloaded here.

PROGRAM AND ABSTRACTS can be downloaded here.


Abstract submission: September 1st, 2006: Template file is available here.

Registration: September 10th, 2006: Registration form is available here.

Please send your abstract and registration form to andreja.berglez@ijs.si .

20.-21. September 2006, Ljubljana, Slovenia