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23 - 25 October 2013, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Jožef Stefan Institute

Advisory committee

Dragan Mihailović, J.Stefan Institute/ CENN Nanocenter
Janko Jamnik, National Institute of Chemistry
Denis Arčon, J.Stefan Institute/FMF University of Ljubljana
Robert Dominko, National Institute of Chemistry
Igor Musevic, J.Stefan Institute/FMF University of Ljubljana/CENN Nanocenter
Boris Orel, National Institute of Chemistry
Danilo Suvorov, J.Stefan Institute
Miran Gabršček, National Institute of Chemistry
Spomenka Kobe, J.Stefan Institute/CENN Nanocenter
Samo Hočevar, National Institute of Chemistry
Boris Turk, J.Stefan Institute/CE CIPKEBIP
Anton Ramšak, J.Stefan Institute/FMF University of Ljubljana
Gvido Bratina, University of Nova Gorica
Natasa Novak Tusar, National Institute of Chemistry